Wayne Dowlin
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S.O.S. Artist: Wayne_Dowlin

S.O.S. Artist:  Wayne_Dowlin - Song Title: Oceans East

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This is the Title song from Wayne's debut CD called "Oceans East" He has been performing at cafe's like Mocca Mammas in West Chester, as well as The Daily Grind cafe in Hatboro.  He was featured in the Bucks County Folksong Society Spring concert with other members including Will See, Saverio Minicucci , and others. The Folk Factory "Peoples Choice" winner went to him several times and he was invited to play at the "Moosewood Restaurant & Coffee Shop in Ithica New York.  Other opportunities made him a guest on Tor Jonassens radio show "Music in the Folk Tradition". Wayne has also performed at Friends Folk Club, Oxford ,Pa. Meadow Cafe, Biddles Cafe, Smithbridge Winery where they feature acts like John Flynn.


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