Jen Shankman
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S.O.S. Artist:  Jen Shankman

S.O.S. Artist: Jen Shankman  - Song Title: 

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With the release of her second CD, "Under The Blue Umbrella," Jen extends an open invitation into her world of intertwining relationships and self-discoveries.

It offers ten tracks that showcase Jen's dynamic vocal presence and her innate ability to address the issues that mean the most to her.

The album, produced by Tom Dube (Richard Thompson, Groovasaurus, Morphine, Linda Sharar) and recorded in Boston Massachusetts, features performances by Duke Levine (Mary Chapin-Carpenter, The Story), Dave Mattacks (Paul McCartney, Mary Chapin-Carpenter, Richard Thompson) and Mike Rivard (Paula Cole, The Story).

With just the right blend of rock and pop yet still touching on her folk roots, Jen successfully expands her musical horizons and stands on her convictions, staying true to the forms that speak most directly to both her and her ever-expanding audience.


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