Sandy Crimmins
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S.O.S. Artist: Sandy Crimmins with Thomas Dura & David Falcone

S.O.S. Artist:  Sandy Crimmins - Song Title: War God - 6:00

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Sandy Crimmins is a spoken word artist who performs her poetry to music. Known in the Philadelphia poetry community, she's performed at poet venues such as Kelly's Writer at the University of Pennsylvania, and art galleries, including the Robb Gallery in Chestnut Hill. She'll be performing "El Cid in Flamenco and Flame", her latest collaborative dance, music and spoken word piece created with the group, Secret Lives. It will feature the Flamenco finger style acoustic guitar music David Falcone, and Flamenco dancer and fire eater, Tomas Dura. Sandy has received national recognition from her CD release, Iowa Summer, a collaboration with acclaimed guitarist Richard Drueding, who has enhanced the music of folk icon Tom Paxton, singer-songwriter Tom Gala, and jazz blues singer Zan Gardner.

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