Bug Candy
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S.O.S. Artist: Bug Candy

S.O.S. Artist:  Bug Candy - Song Title: Woman

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IJ: What is “bug candy?”

ET: A number of things...but the main definition is that Bug Candy is slang for a hot, sexy, and attractive Minnesota woman without bug spray on.

IJ: How long has the band been together? How did it come about?

ET: It all started with Eric, Becky, and Marc as roommates. Eric was the songwriter dreaming about doing the band thing while Marc and Michael were already out in the scene -- Michael has been and still is the bassist for Lamont Cranston (for the last 2 and half years!) and Marc is currently the drummer for Pork Chop but before that he and Michael both played for Shake Oliver. So Eric knew that he had a rhythm section just waiting for some fun and different original music. And he also knew that in Becky, the band had a sexy chic who could sing the shit out of a song and perform like mad.

As Bug Candy, we've only been playing out as a band since Dec. '98 - so for 6 months or so. We are very new in terms of the average age of a local band. However, getting back to that solo-songwriter thing, Eric put out a folk album in 1995 with Becky and Marc's help called "Bug Candy" and that's where the concept started. We never did a single gig but we ended up
selling over 500 copies via word of mouth and grassroots sales on the U of M campus. People kept asking when our next CD was coming out. So we hit the studio again and released our sophomore effort, "Man Eating Bugs" just this last Fall.



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